Hybrid Media: Something Abstract

Something Abstract: Water and Ink

Abstract art does not attempt to represent reality but it seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colour and texture. The video is a focus on the relationship between the ink and it’s interaction when it hits the water. The shape and form of the ink does have an effect on it’s viewer which will vary dependent on the person. By using a monochromatic colour scheme, it makes the piece much more moving as well as keep everything unified. The texture through the movement of the ink adds another sense of feeling that viewers may see. The outcome of each reaction of the ink and water varies and differs greatly even when the clips are played backwards to symbolize that sometimes art is about not having control over everything and being free to do what one wants. This video not only plays with the sense of sight but with the auditory sense as well, as each drop of ink is in tune with the beat of the music which makes it relevant.

Music Credits:

BurzyBeats, perf. The Weeknd -Wicked Games (Instrumental Remix). N.d.SoundCloud. Web. 30 Nov. 2015.


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