Exercise 3b pt. 1

A constructed narrative is simply creating and telling a story through various art mediums such as photography, film, visual art, animation, etc.

Narratives are not found objects that one would find and snap a photo of it. The content of the image needs to be constructed by participants and observers, background and props to create a narrative. When people refer to ‘staging’ a photograph, they are creating a scene by ‘staging’ where people and actors, props and materials are located in the scene to create a tableau that will tell a story in a single image.

All narratives require the following moments:

  • exposition
  • conflict
  • climax
  • resolution

By following these narrative moments, the key stages in structuring a narrative would include:

  • introducing a location
  • giving the story a ‘face’
  • letting people tell their own story
  • contextualizing those stories
  • following a dramatic form

Though these aren’t the rules, they are elements of traditional narrative structures. For more information about photography and narratives, you can find it here.


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