Exercise 3a

Alterity is a term that means “otherness”. It is the state of being other or different, especially in respect to one’s perception of one’s identity within a culture. In media, it can be used to describe something that is other than an imitation. However, this term alone is rather complex because it contains terms such as otherness and difference. To be other and different, one must understand that these two terms emphasizes on qualities of separateness, dissimilarity, and distinction. For more information, you can find it here.

Indexical in relation to the digital photograph – indexical is relating to, or denoting a word/expression whose meaning is dependent on the context in which it is used. In relation to the digital photograph, it refers to the physical relationship between the object photographed and the resulting image. There is a process in which light passes through the camera lens and the diaphragm of the camera to produce an image of the object. For more information it can be found here.

Tableaux are most commonly known as a still-visual narrative where groups of models or motionless figures portraying a scene, particularly from a story or history. In relations to photography, tableau-vivant photography, is the aspect of catching this motionless scene in a single image to capture its narrative. Tableaux often resemble a ‘cinematic’ vibe, however they differ from one another due to the lack of motion in tableaux compared to a film. For more information, you can find it here and from the text ‘The Photography as Contemporary Art’ on pages 49-53.

Artifice is a term that means “ingenuity”, a clever or cunning device used to trick or deceive others. Though the word artifice is a derivative from of “artificial”, can also mean “not existing naturally”. In relation to art, it is an artful skill that one needs in producing art to trick the audience depending on what the context they choose. For more information on artifice, it can be found here.

Re-enactment is the action of performing a new version of an old event, usually in a theatrical performance. Most commonly, when one thinks of reenactments they think about the war reenactments where men dress up in costumes that reflect soldiers depending on the countries and war they want to reenact. For more information it can be found here.

This image is a Civil War reenactment of the “Battle of Central” in a small town beside Clemson, South Carolina and was found on here.


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