Glitch Project: Street Light


Final results of my glitch project.

So after playing around with as much as I could with the code, I decided that I was happy with the results it gave me. I really like how the original image is visible along with the glitch. The image distortion in this particular image, that I thought, was the most fascinating one compared to the other ones I got.

Artist Statement:

The image I chose was a photo that I took a couple years back when I was in Italy. The reason why I chose this image was because I was visually attracted to it. I really liked the focal point of the streetlight and its weight in contrast to the negative space around it. The lines and perspective of the image were also a contributing factor as to why I chose this image for my glitch project. The aftermath of the glitch gave me horizontal distortion in the image that reflects the line work of the streetlight itself and the buildings in the background. The paper I chose was the photo-paper. I want the paper to mimic what the surface of the streetlight would be to portray that industrial element that the other papers, such as canvas and a textured paper, won’t give me. By choosing the photo-paper, it gave a shine to the picture that illuminates the subtle shine on the street light and gives the image a high quality look.


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