Exercise 2

Sushi wigglegram found on here.

Skateboard wigglegram found here.

Wigglegram also known as Stereoscopy is a technique that creates the illusion of depth in an image by taking two pictures of an object at slightly different angles and putting it into Adobe Photoshop to create an animation where the image will repeat back and forth. Stereoscopy was developed by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838 and then later improved by Sir David Brewster who created a portable viewing device. This invention created the importance of binocular depth perception. This approach enables 2D images to possess a 3D quality, giving the image a more fascinating appeal.

More information about wigglegram or stereoscopy can be found here.

Fashion Cinemagraph found here.

Cinemagraph found here.

Cinemagraphs are stilled photographs in which there is a small and minor movement is repeated. Cinemagraphs were coined by US photographers, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Cinemagraphs can be produced by taking a series of photos or a video and with the help of image editing software, a cinemagraph is produced. A simpler method is using the app called Flixel Photos Inc., a Canadian software manufacturer that can be downloaded. Cinemagraphs are commonly used in the fashion industry. I believe that this is due to the fact that fashion designers want their designs to be noticed by the viewer and with a moving element, the viewers eyes are more likely to be attracted and fascinated by the visual aspect of the GIF.

For more information about cinemgraphs they can be found here.


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