Artist Statement

Again, I decided to keep this GIF as it was. I was very proud at the outcome of this GIF even though it reflects to a similar one I have done before. In this animation, I chose the theme of travelling and the passion one can have for it. The GIF above creates a simple narrative of a figure travelling in a plane and the sky changes from day to night to indicate the length of the trips. The passion for travelling is evident as there many know that there is a lot of travel time between you and your destination. It is in this time where a traveller is alone and reflect upon life and themselves. A quote I came across that inspired me was that those who do not travel only read one book and I feel that travelling is an important part of life and even though it is something that not everyone can do all the time, it’s something that enables us as human-beings to grow and flourish if we delve into the cultures of the world and become more knowledgeable with the world that we live on.


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