Artists Statement

So, I have decided to keep the gif as it was and decided not to add any filters to keep it in its original state. I felt as if the photo alone enables viewers to relate and connect as it shows reality in its core state, not having to be altered and fixed to look perfect. The theme in this GIF was to make it about travel and at the same time realize life itself and how everything seems to slow down at night when the world has gone to sleep and it’s just you. As many have experienced driving at night, or even being a passenger in a moving vehicle that the time does feel like it slows down, unlike during daytime when everything is chaotic. It creates an atmosphere where you can reflect and just be yourself. There is a sense of tranquility and peace and again with time slowing down as you make your way home. The loop where the car is being pulled back shows that sense of time rewinding as you replay the day you had. This GIF is to emphasize the calm feeling you have when you are alone at night.


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