Reading Response: GIFs as Art

The articles that I have read prior to these responses:


Both these articles mention that since the rise of technology, specifically the internet in the early 2000’s lead to the birth of the animated GIF art as artists began to choose to create art and content on the internet and posting them online on multiple social media platforms, such as Tumblr, Google+, and more. This art movement did raise a question about whether or not animated GIFs were considered to be actual forms of art.

As Bill Miller states in the second article, “It feels like [the community is] always growing and contracting.” he tells me. “It’s in a middle stage.” He describes that the community/people who have access to the internet to view these GIFs are coming to accept and appreciate animated GIFs as it continues to develop and become an essential part of the internet. Though with new things, it does take time for those with traditional mentalities to accept new and upcoming genres of art. There will always be criticism on the newest trends and upcomings because people are not fond to change, however overtime they will get used to it and appreciate it more and become accepting to the GIF as a form of art.

The GIF is accessible to those with internet access and can log onto social media platforms that contains and hosts GIFs for viewing, and with platforms like Tumblr, it can be easily distributed with a simple reblog and sharing system to other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, producing a GIF is inexpensive and only requires an artistic eye and ability to create images in a series that can be put together on a timeline and played on repeat. This can be compared to the traditional art where supplies are required, and art supplies can vary and range in price depending on what the artist wanted to create.

GIFs have evolved in such a way that they have no wait time, no subscriptions in order to view them and they get straight to the point/message of the story it wants to tell for the viewer. Many artists can make quick and easy ads with GIFs as it gets the message across quickly and effectively with eye-catching images.

In my personal preference I do enjoy looking through animated GIFs as it shows the creativity of an artist and how they are able to keep the moving image interesting and amusing for their viewer. For me, I do enjoy content that is witty and has a level of skill where I think, “wow, that’s amazing”. I also enjoy GIFs that are able to project a message that they want their viewers to become aware about, and the quick display of a GIF enables for artists to do so.


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