Previous Work Review

With the animated GIF project to think about, it had me bringing up my previous works in another class where we created GIFs, and there are some ideas from those projects that I do want to elaborate or possibly rework for this project. Two were of images that I found from the web that both have a common theme of technology developing through the years. The first one below is of the tallest buildings of the world through the times, starting back in the late 1880’s to now the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. The next one is the view of the cell phone and how much it has developed over the years.

The second two GIFs below are hand drawn by me, commenting on both how technology these days effect the human lives to a point that all we do all day is just sit at a computer screen for either work or leisure. The last GIF is the commentary about the environment, specifically the ice melting and breaking apart, effecting animals who live in these climates that are getting warmer.

Tu_J_Buildings Tu_J_Phone Tu_J_Iceberg Tu_J_Computer


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