Paolo Ceric

Animated GIF produced by Paolo Ceric. This image can be found here.

Upon viewing various contemporary artists, Paolo Ceric’s work was one in many whom captured my interest. Through his various works the common theme to his GIFs were that there consisted a plan background (whether it was black or white) and a form that centred the image. This simple relationship between the background and the object enables for an effective piece as it brings attention to the form, even though movement of the GIF has already done so. Also, the background allows for a feeling of space and therefore gives it three-dimension. Most of Ceric’s work can be described as forms in which possess almost an animal-like quality. It is as if the objects in the GIFs have a mind of its own in the way it moves on its own, which makes it seem like it’s alive in some way. The GIF shown above is a representation of a heart, the way it moves is like a pulse beating in a heart and in a way it gives a sense of calm tranquility to the viewer.


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