Matthias Brown

Animated GIF produced by Matthias Brown. This image can be found here.

Another contemporary artist that I enjoy is Matthias Brown. Most of what I saw when searching his work was sketches of people. I like his style where he kept the sketches simple enough for the viewer to know what it it that they are seeing in his animated GIF narration. The actions of these people (or should I say characters?) are also simple and play with the theme that less is more. Brown’s GIFs looks like the process of when someone is drawing or sketching something or someone. In these GIFs, it shows you the start and finish of the drawing in the animation and I quite enjoy how it turned out. It’s similar to cartooning and when animators draw out storyboards of what the characters will be doing in rough sketches to get an idea of what the scene will be. It is light and enjoyable yet it can give deeper meaning in a few of his other pieces that I have came across.


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