Glitch Test


Today we learned the new concept of glitch art where you take an image file and open it with text edit where you can experiment and play around with the coding to create a new ‘glitched’ image. It really is a trial and error type of method as there is no specific way to properly create glitch art. For me, I was able to slightly distort the image and the result was a split in the image in different sections of the picture. I very much like the way it came out, though it appears to me that one needs to do a lot more to get significant results.




Artist Statement

Again, I decided to keep this GIF as it was. I was very proud at the outcome of this GIF even though it reflects to a similar one I have done before. In this animation, I chose the theme of travelling and the passion one can have for it. The GIF above creates a simple narrative of a figure travelling in a plane and the sky changes from day to night to indicate the length of the trips. The passion for travelling is evident as there many know that there is a lot of travel time between you and your destination. It is in this time where a traveller is alone and reflect upon life and themselves. A quote I came across that inspired me was that those who do not travel only read one book and I feel that travelling is an important part of life and even though it is something that not everyone can do all the time, it’s something that enables us as human-beings to grow and flourish if we delve into the cultures of the world and become more knowledgeable with the world that we live on.



Artists Statement

So, I have decided to keep the gif as it was and decided not to add any filters to keep it in its original state. I felt as if the photo alone enables viewers to relate and connect as it shows reality in its core state, not having to be altered and fixed to look perfect. The theme in this GIF was to make it about travel and at the same time realize life itself and how everything seems to slow down at night when the world has gone to sleep and it’s just you. As many have experienced driving at night, or even being a passenger in a moving vehicle that the time does feel like it slows down, unlike during daytime when everything is chaotic. It creates an atmosphere where you can reflect and just be yourself. There is a sense of tranquility and peace and again with time slowing down as you make your way home. The loop where the car is being pulled back shows that sense of time rewinding as you replay the day you had. This GIF is to emphasize the calm feeling you have when you are alone at night.

Work in Process

So far I have created two GIFs, one using found image that I have taken myself. It is a short little narrative that displays travelling by car at night. I did a loop where the car moves forward then backwards then forward again to add some sort of appeal to the GIF, keeping it interesting in some way. I’m debating on adding a filter to make it more visually appealing/interesting.

The second GIF I created on Adobe Illustrator and it does have resemblance in style with a previous work I have done, however it was a long process and a lot of thought process put into it. I’m content with it, though it has brought to my attention that I should challenge myself on the style. As of right now, I’m not sure what to include or alter.GIF_1 GIF_2

Previous Work Review

With the animated GIF project to think about, it had me bringing up my previous works in another class where we created GIFs, and there are some ideas from those projects that I do want to elaborate or possibly rework for this project. Two were of images that I found from the web that both have a common theme of technology developing through the years. The first one below is of the tallest buildings of the world through the times, starting back in the late 1880’s to now the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. The next one is the view of the cell phone and how much it has developed over the years.

The second two GIFs below are hand drawn by me, commenting on both how technology these days effect the human lives to a point that all we do all day is just sit at a computer screen for either work or leisure. The last GIF is the commentary about the environment, specifically the ice melting and breaking apart, effecting animals who live in these climates that are getting warmer.

Tu_J_Buildings Tu_J_Phone Tu_J_Iceberg Tu_J_Computer

GIF of the Day

GIF found on THE EXHIBITION site.

Upon accessing THE EXHIBITION, I came across this particular GIF. I don’t know why but I like the way the GIF looks and how it was created. I guess it’s the image that has been modified down to a selected colours that could possibly make it seem like a drawing but at the same time it is very much from the real world with a filter of some sort on it. I like the way the GIF narrates of moving through the forest/woods like scenery as if going on an adventure and I am a person who enjoys the outdoors and travelling in particular. This was one of the first GIFs I saw on the site that particularly caught my attention very quickly.

Reading Response: GIFs as Art

The articles that I have read prior to these responses:


Both these articles mention that since the rise of technology, specifically the internet in the early 2000’s lead to the birth of the animated GIF art as artists began to choose to create art and content on the internet and posting them online on multiple social media platforms, such as Tumblr, Google+, and more. This art movement did raise a question about whether or not animated GIFs were considered to be actual forms of art.

As Bill Miller states in the second article, “It feels like [the community is] always growing and contracting.” he tells me. “It’s in a middle stage.” He describes that the community/people who have access to the internet to view these GIFs are coming to accept and appreciate animated GIFs as it continues to develop and become an essential part of the internet. Though with new things, it does take time for those with traditional mentalities to accept new and upcoming genres of art. There will always be criticism on the newest trends and upcomings because people are not fond to change, however overtime they will get used to it and appreciate it more and become accepting to the GIF as a form of art.

The GIF is accessible to those with internet access and can log onto social media platforms that contains and hosts GIFs for viewing, and with platforms like Tumblr, it can be easily distributed with a simple reblog and sharing system to other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, producing a GIF is inexpensive and only requires an artistic eye and ability to create images in a series that can be put together on a timeline and played on repeat. This can be compared to the traditional art where supplies are required, and art supplies can vary and range in price depending on what the artist wanted to create.

GIFs have evolved in such a way that they have no wait time, no subscriptions in order to view them and they get straight to the point/message of the story it wants to tell for the viewer. Many artists can make quick and easy ads with GIFs as it gets the message across quickly and effectively with eye-catching images.

In my personal preference I do enjoy looking through animated GIFs as it shows the creativity of an artist and how they are able to keep the moving image interesting and amusing for their viewer. For me, I do enjoy content that is witty and has a level of skill where I think, “wow, that’s amazing”. I also enjoy GIFs that are able to project a message that they want their viewers to become aware about, and the quick display of a GIF enables for artists to do so.

Greta Larkins Fash GIF

Animated GIF produced by Greta Larkins. This image can be found here.

Greta Larkins is a contemporary artist who creates GIFs with a focus around the fashion industry. The thing that is so appealing about her work is her humour that she expresses in each of these fashion GIFs, adding a social commentary to each piece the model wears on the runway. As I scrolled through her many pieces, I found myself to be enjoying each one through her humour that these GIFs have. She shows the viewer what she thinks of the latest trends and fashion pieces that are coming out on the runway.

Matthias Brown

Animated GIF produced by Matthias Brown. This image can be found here.

Another contemporary artist that I enjoy is Matthias Brown. Most of what I saw when searching his work was sketches of people. I like his style where he kept the sketches simple enough for the viewer to know what it it that they are seeing in his animated GIF narration. The actions of these people (or should I say characters?) are also simple and play with the theme that less is more. Brown’s GIFs looks like the process of when someone is drawing or sketching something or someone. In these GIFs, it shows you the start and finish of the drawing in the animation and I quite enjoy how it turned out. It’s similar to cartooning and when animators draw out storyboards of what the characters will be doing in rough sketches to get an idea of what the scene will be. It is light and enjoyable yet it can give deeper meaning in a few of his other pieces that I have came across.

Paolo Ceric

Animated GIF produced by Paolo Ceric. This image can be found here.

Upon viewing various contemporary artists, Paolo Ceric’s work was one in many whom captured my interest. Through his various works the common theme to his GIFs were that there consisted a plan background (whether it was black or white) and a form that centred the image. This simple relationship between the background and the object enables for an effective piece as it brings attention to the form, even though movement of the GIF has already done so. Also, the background allows for a feeling of space and therefore gives it three-dimension. Most of Ceric’s work can be described as forms in which possess almost an animal-like quality. It is as if the objects in the GIFs have a mind of its own in the way it moves on its own, which makes it seem like it’s alive in some way. The GIF shown above is a representation of a heart, the way it moves is like a pulse beating in a heart and in a way it gives a sense of calm tranquility to the viewer.